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Privacy Policy & Terms And Conditions

Applies to ferrisentertainment.com, ferrisentertainment.tv and theringofpeace.org and all online domains of Ferris Entertainment in which user registration and information collection is required. Agreement covers and include active subscription of free or paid plans for The Online Masterclass, The Screen Acting Masterclass Portal, FETV Inner Sanctum, LAMDA Course and Examination Fee collection and future plans and services provided by Ferris Entertainment will be stated here.

[This contract is active, as of 1/10/2016. Any updates will be noted here]

[This contract policy has been updated: 02/03/2018]

The following is the terms and conditions for Ferris Entertainment and Ferris Entertainment TV (FETV). These Terms and Policies are between you and Ferris Entertainment (the owners of Ferris Entertainment TV) and they govern Ferris Entertainment's respective rights and interests.

To use Ferris Entertainment, FETV and any other online service affiliated with Ferris Entertainment you agree to uphold the following conditions and at the same time we agree to adhere to our Privacy Policy to make sure you have a safe and easy experience whilst using Ferris Entertainment online services.

  1. The only information we collect is the information you submit on the subscription form, this is to process your Inner Sanctum subscription or Masterclass payment information.
  2. We will not share or distribute information collected nor do we have access to it. This information will be processed via a payment gateway such as PayPal.*
  3. Cookies and similar technologies will be used to optimise the best way to play online videos on your browser. For example: the Contact Form will not permit you to send us a message if you do not have cookies enabled.
  4. Your username and password will be stored safely and should you need to alter anything, do contact Ferris Entertainment via the Contact Us Page or edit the details on your own User Profile page .
  5. We are a company growing in reputation and size; with future expansions we will update our policy and make sure to keep your experience as safe and secure as possible.
  6. Ferris Entertainment reserve the right to cancel subscriptions and/or remove your account, should you require this to happen. The company also has the rights to add or remove content.
  7. FETV Inner Sanctum and Online Masterclass: Upon receiving confirmation of your Subscription agreement for the online subscription service (whether through full payment or via coupons or discounts) this acts as your membership contract for the service provided. Subscriptions are non-refundable. Should you wish cancellation, it will be terminated as soon as possible, regardless of how many days are left in your next 30 day cycle period. If cancellation is requested during the period of transaction (this depends on your banking authority, PayPal, geographical location and other factors) payment must be made before the cancellation. We will not process account cancellations until we receive the payment.
  8. Ferris Entertainment Screen Acting Masterclasses and Specialist Masterclasses:
    • Payments need to be paid in full
    • Partial Payments are not available so please attend both days.
    • Payments are handled by PayPal and Ferris Entertainment does not store your bank or card details.
    • Payments are not refundable
    • All your details will be kept with the strictest confidence, we only use these details to provide the teacher with information to contact you before the class.
  9. We utilise online payment gateways for Ferris Entertainment and FETV payments, they may request for you to make an account with them during the finalisation of the payment process (such as PayPal); we do not have access nor can we see your account on PayPal - we do not have a way to modify your account either. The payment agreement and transaction will be handled by the Payment Gateway, once we get confirmation that your payment was successful your Inner Sanctum Account will be authorised by us. Some content may not be covered by the subscription due to the nature of the film/video - this is to protect users that may be sensitive to the content. We will state a disclaimer for each video if the contents are sensitive and you may need to pay additional fees to watch it. These one off fees are non-refundable and are a license for you to watch the content during a limited time period.
  10. We can, however, request for FETV Inner Sanctum recurring payments from you to stop. Once this happens your account will be suspended and you will not have access to subscription content in the Inner Sanctum. Please see Clause 7 for more details on cancellation.
  11. All content you see within all domains owned and managed by Ferris Entertainment and Ferris Entertainment TV are copyrighted and owned by Ferris Entertainment - apart from 3rd Party films which are owned by their respective owners and may require additional purchases beyond the Inner Sanctum subscriptions.

*Note: Google Analytics is used on this website to track user activity throughout the World. We do not have a means to identify each user nor do we intend to use such a feature. We are only interested in demographic and behaviour statistics (such as duration of user visitations).